UAC Africa is part of the UAC Group of Companies, which is headed by the United American Capital Corporation, founded 2004 in Oregon, USA.

Since then, the UAC Group of Companies established more than 20 subsidiaries on 4 continents, serving more than 3 million customers in 150+ countries.

UAC is one of the pacemakers in several industries like renewable energies, health care, blockchain, real estate, just to name a few.

Following our 3P strategy, people first, planet second, profit third, it is our goal to create new jobs and business opportunities all over Africa by educating, consulting, partnering with, and leading all those who want not only changing their lives, but strive for a peaceful, strong, healthy, and wealthy Africa.

Welcome to the world of UAC!

We selected Kampala, the capital of Uganda, ‘the Pearl of Africa’ for our headquarters. Supported by the government, United Nations, and other authorities, UAC Africa will bring solar energy, clean drinking water, financial stability, and a new level of health care to all African countries.

We are creating jobs in many industries, and thanks to our UAC Academy, we are able to educate our members in many different fields. We are proud to be fully registered and certified #80020002373256 under the Ugandan Companies Act, 2012.

Our headquarters can be found at AHA Tower, Level 4, Plot 7, Lourdel Road, Kampala, Uganda.

Creating opportunities

At UAC Africa, we share our success by creating opportunities for everyone. No matter what your current situation is, we can help you to achieve your goals. With our unique invitation marketing strategy, you can build a passive income simply by inviting others to join our network for free.

If you want to get involved, you can join our fast-growing team and help us to deliver our technologies to the forefront of where they are most needed- the people. Whether you are interested in solar energy, health care, blockchain, sports, entertainment or real estate, to name a few, UAC Africa is the perfect partner for your activities.

Our UAC Academy in Kampala is educating and training people from all across Africa to catalyse the best start into a bright future. Driven by our main core value of respect, we activate the ‘Power of We’, through which people support one another without greed.

If you believe you could be a perfect match for our community, you can request your unique personal invitation code from the person who referred you to our company.

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